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WhatsApp on PC with WhatsCloud

How to use WhatsApp on PC with WhatsCloud and sync your mobile app messages with PC messages?

WhatsApp For PC With Bluestacks

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You’re already probably using WhatsApp on your mobile device, and you surely know how it makes your life so much easier but the thing is that sometimes, you really can’t help but wish that you could also use WhatsApp on PC so that you wouldn’t need to get your mobile phone just so you could text your friends.

And maybe you even Downloaded and Installed WhatsApp for PC with Blueststacks Or any other emulator. And then you noticed that the messages that you send with your PC app aren’t sync with the messages that you sent on the Mobile app.

Now You can Change That!

With the help of Whatscloud, you can Use both WhatsApp for PC and Whatsapp For mobile asynchronously! Basically, it will allow you to use WhatsApp the way you would on mobile devices and you also would not have a hard time downloading and installing it, too!

Here is how you should do that

    • Step 1: If you want WhatsApp for PC, you first have to make sure that your android device is rooted, or that you’re willing to root it. If you want to root your device now, you can follow this instructions: Click Here. (At your own risk)

whatsapp on cloud

      • Step 2: Once your device is rooted, you can now proceed to download WhatsApp Cloud for PC into your phone which will then help you send text, audio, or video messages to your family and friends—right from your computer! – Click Here To Download.
      • Step 3: Once you downloaded Whatscloud and installed it you should Create an account, open the app on your Mobile device and click “Create An Account”

whatsapp on pc cloud

        • Step 4: Fill up your email and password and click on “Sign Up”.

signup to whatsapp cloud

        • Step 5: Use your private encryption key in order to Login to Whatsapp On Pc – Click Here To Login.
        • Step 6: You are done!


You can expect a lot of great things from this app. Some of which include:

  • Fast Paced Messaging. In just 3 seconds, WhatsCloud will automatically sync your messages to your mobile device so they can easily be received by whoever you are sending them to—so you definitely would not have to wait anymore!
  • End to end encryption is used to send your messages on WhatsCloud. This means that no other person but you and the receiver of the message can read those messages and you won’t have to worry that operators seem to track your every move!
  • It’s Free! Well, you don’t have to pay for any fees because if you download WhatsApp through Whatscloud, you can definitely use it for free! You can donate to the site if you want to, but you’re not obliged to pay for anything!

Communication is very important and it’s one of those things that should not be taken for granted. If you want to keep close ties with the people in your life and make sure that they know what’s happening in your life, don’t forget to download WhatsApp on PC and you’ll see how it’ll make the lines of communication even more open! Enjoy!

Done – You have can now use Whatsapp for pc!


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