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how to download and send stickers on WhatsApp

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The famous instant messaging app recently announced that it will be releasing a new feature for WhatsApp.
WhatsApp for PC, WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp for IOS and even WhatsApp Web will all get this new feature called: “WhatsApp Stickers”.

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The new feature will allow users to send pre-made and even custom stickers.

The default sticker set that is coming with the default and new update is called ‘Cuppy’, but be that as it may, WhatsApp announced that there will also be a
“sticker store” in which every user would be able to download pre-made custom sticker sets.

So, how does a custom sticker would look like? here is a screenshot from our custom stickers.

Custom Sticker App

Custom Sticker App

But how I can create and send custom WhatsApp stickers you may ask yourself?

We are here to explain just that.


So What Should We Do?

  • Step 1. The first thing that we would need to do is to download an app called background eraser from the Google Play store / iTunes Store.

Background Eraser App

Background Eraser App

  • Step 2. After you’ve downloaded the app, open it and open any image that you want to convert into a sticker.
  • Step 3. Mark the image background and crop it accordingly.
  • Step 4. Save the image in PNG format (this is the only format that is supported as Stickers).
  • Step 5. Download the app called “Personal Stickers for WhatsApp” from the Google Play store or iTunes Store.

Custom Sticker App

Custom Sticker App

  • Step 6. Open the app and it will automatically detect all the stickers you’ve just created.
  • Step 7. Tap on the add button located beside the sticker and click add again when asked.
  • Step 8. We are done, just open WhatsApp and go to the stickers pane, you’ll now see your new stickers there.



So, there is no rocket science involved, it is quite easy to create your own custom sticker sets.

Good luck, and see you and the next guide.

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