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New Blue check marks next to Whatsapp messages

So, you are asking yourself, What are thous new blue tick marks next sent messages in WhatsApp new version?

Since the last update of Whatsapp version 2.11.432, we have started to notice the new Blue check marks next to our messages in Whatsapp messenger .

As it turns out, this is mean Whatsapp has started to notify us that the messages we sent were not only delivered to the destination, our conversation mate were also read the message in his phone.

So, now we have the ability to know whether or not our message was read after we send the message to our conversation mate.

How those new Blue check marks looks like? and how we can find the difference between messages that sent and arrived to the destination and messages that sent and was read by out conversation mate?

Here is what each Whatsapp symbol indicates:

WhatsApp Checkmarks

To conclude:

One gray check mark notify us that the message was successfully send to the destination.

Two gray check marks notify us that the message was successfully delivered to the
recipient’s phone.

Two blue check marks notify us that the recipient has read our message.


But, we have noticed that some devices that also use the newest Whatsapp version on their phone, Isn’t seeing the new two blue tick marks on their phone, so our solution is getting free Whatsapp for PCs and with our Whatsapp for PC guide you can run it the way you run it on your smartphone and also see the new blue check marks.

So to begin with you must first have a good Android emulator installed on your PC, recommended android emulator here is Bluestacks.

Follow the steps in our Whatsapp for PC guide to learn how to download Whatsapp for free on your PC.

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New Blue check marks next to Whatsapp messages
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