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Whatsapp on PC With Manymo

How to Use Whatsapp on PC Web Interface With Manymo

Whatsapp is the most widely used messaging app for smartphones. With its increasing popularity this messaging app landed itself on PCs also using the Android emulator Bluestacks. But if you are the one who want it to run on your PC web interface, like Internet Browser, and are wondering whether it is possible or not then yes it is fairly possible.


With Android emulator Manymo you can use Whatsapp through web interface on your PC.

This emulator does not require installation on PC rather you use it directly through web browser. So if this is what you are looking for and want to know how to do it, follow the steps given below.

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Step 1 – In order to start using whatsapp for PC – Visit the website of Manymo and register as a user there. Fill all the details in the sign up form and confirm the account through verification email sent to your email.

manymo whatsapp

Step 2 – Now go to official website of WhatsApp and download Whatsapp for Android, i.e. WhatsApp.apk file form there.

Step 3 – Now sign in to your Manymo account using your registered account detail. At the upper right corner of the screen you will now see an option “Launch Emulator”. Click on it.

whatsapp pc

Step 4 – Within this option you will see an option “launch with” and there you select Launch with App option.

Step 5 – Here you have to upload the apk file you just downloaded. Click on browse to look for the WhatsApp.apk file you just downloaded. Select it and then hit continue.


Step 6 – After a few moments you will be taken to a screen where you have to select the size of emulator. Choose the biggest size as you will be using it on PC’s web interface.

whatsapp para pc

Step 7 – Now you will be inside the emulator and since it’s the first time therefore you need to click on “Agree and continue”.

manymo whatsapp

Step 8 – Select your country and enter your phone number for the verification.

Note: This emulator is rather slow as it works directly form internet browser and therefore the verification SMS may also take 4-5 minutes to reach you. So don’t be impatient and wait for it. Also Whatsapp through Manymo can’t use an existing account remember this as well.

per pc

Step 9 – Once verification is done now you are able to use your Whatsapp from here. You will need to add the contacts manually so again don’t be impatient and add contacts all by yourself and begin to use it.

Step 10 – And this is it. Now whenever you wish to use Whatsapp on PC web browser just Log in to your Manymo account and you will see Whatsapp in the Apps tab inside.

Though Whatsapp is readily available on smartphones and for every platform like android, iOS and windows but still if you do not have access through them then Manymo is a good option to use WhatsApp. Though it won’t allow the best user experience but at least you get to use Whatsapp on your laptop this very way.

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