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Whatsapp for Desktop


Whatsapp is the number one mobile chat application and its client base that has been growing exponentially ever since its release in 2009.

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In 2014, its users have already crossed half-billion! Clearly, this is the most famous and widely used messenger across the globe. Currently, the application is available on five platforms namely, Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian. However, there is a growing interest on using Whatsapp on desktop as well. Read on to learn if you can do that and how to install Whatsapp on desktop.

New Update

WhatsApp official CEO just announced The New WhatsApp web Interface – watch this video:


In order to download WhatsApp for PC (windows): click here
In order to download WhatsApp Mac OSX: click here




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In order to get Whatsapp on desktop, we will need an Android simulator, and Bluestacks is an excellent choice. So, first, you need to download Bluestacks from their official website and look for the application that is well-matched with the desktop configuration. Once Bluestacks has been installed, click on the messaging icon, and download the whatsapp Messenger. The app will get installed on your PC automatically. Just click on the My apps Icon to install Whatsapp. Hence, you can see that the procedure is very simple and easy to follow.


So, in case you do not have a smartphone or if it is broken, there are ways to get Whatsapp messenger on PC. However, it makes sense for WhatsApp to release a desktop version or it is allowing an easy entry for a competitor around the corner to take advantage of the opportunity. Whatsapp creators should not lose the opportunity and strengthen its competitive advantage further. Whether WhatsAp will try to create a desktop version is unsure; however, it can also introduce a premium service for an extra cost. When whatsapp was designed, the multi device user profile was not on the agenda. Now, things will be difficult to implement the changes made in the server backend architecture of the first-generation messenger.

you can also use an emulator like Bluestacks in order to download some games too.

Facebook has bought Whatsapp, and is already planning to add voice messaging service. The update is likely to be available for Android and iOS users sometime later in the year. The lightning fast messaging service already caters to text, voice, image and video messages. There is no denying the phenomenal popularity of the mobile messaging service.

Now you can use Whatsapp in your desktop, but do not use the same phone number in any other device. One of the main attractions of WhatsApp is the hassle free use of the application.

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