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How to use Instagram for PC

How to use Instagram on Chrome Windows PC

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Almost every one that I know uses the great instagram app on their smartphone..

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This great application is one of the most used social apps in the entire world, only second to Facebook’s.
A question that I am asked a lot in the comments on this blog is – if and how can we use insagram app on the PC.
The quick answer is, yes, it is possible, and there are more then one way you can do that, in this how-to guide I will help you all to use instagram on your desktop PC.

The one big difference between instagram for PC and WhatsApp for PC is the possibility to use instagram for PC without needing to open the app on your smartphone the whole time.

Instagram on pc


The process of downloading and installing the Instagram for PC is quite easy.

So, get to it, how can we download and use instagram for PC?

  • The First step that you should do is to choose the way that you would like to use instagram, and there are three possible ways. The first way is to use emulator apps like BlueStacks emulator in order to download instagram for PC.
  • The Second option is to use InstaPic for windows 10 which is a great unofficial app that allows you to use instagram on your PC and upload images and videos straight from your desktop.
  • The third and last which is the best option in my opinion is to use Google’s ARC Welder Chrome extension in order to use instagram inside your chrome.

So, Lets go!

There is no rocket science involved, and you can get over with the installation procedure in no time.


What is Google ARC Welder are you asking?.

The great developers at Google have developed a Chrome OS/Chrome browser extension which you can download from here.

Instagram for desktop

Now After you have installed Google’s ARC Welder you will also need APK Extractor which will help you to use the downloaded instagram APK inside your Chrome browser like shown on the video above.
You can download APK Extractor by clicking here.

Instagram for PC download

A good thing to be careful about is that Google’s ARC Welder was designed in order to run APK app’s inside chrome for debugging and this option is not always supported by the apps themselves.
Also, Google’s ARC Welder is still in his beta stages and in their official site they are telling everyone that there might be some bugs when running different apps inside Chrome OS or Chrome web browser for desktop computers.

Download Whatsapp For Desktop Windows

Downloading Instagram for PC has never been easier, follow our video guide in order to download instagram stright into your PC and use it while you work or play.
Instagram web version

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